What is Neoprene?

Neoprene, a key material in many of our products, is best known as the material used to make wetsuits for surfing or diving. It was originally developed by DuPont™ in 1931 as a substitute for rubber. Its physical toughness, water resistance, flexibility, and usability over a wide range of temperatures make neoprene ideal for a variety of applications and products. It’s a very durable material that lasts up to 50 years.


What happened to [product name]?

From time to time we do retire items from our active catalog. This is usually done based on web store sales and demand from our wholesale customers combined. We also retire items to make way for new and updated versions as well exciting new patterns and color ways!

Our design team is working on new products all the time, so we encourage you to check our website regularly for the latest product updates. We also welcome feedback about how our products can better suit your needs!


How should I wash my Built product?

Our products are either hand or machine washable, depending on the product you have purchased. Washing instructions vary, so please check either the inside of your product, its original packaging, or the “Features” section on the product’s page at www.builtny.com for specific care guidelines.

We recommend washing our products with regular laundry detergent in cold water; if the item is machine washable, it’s best to use the delicate cycle. Whether you are machine or hand washing, all products should be left out to drip-dry. It takes about 1-2 days for our items to air-dry completely.

In the event that food or liquids spill in your tote, it’s important to make sure the tote is washed as soon as possible and completely aired out in order to avoid any mold issues that can be caused by prolonged food exposure, however small. If you’re unable to wash the tote right away, the best thing to do is turn it inside out so that the interior is given an opportunity to dry out. You can keep it inside-out when you wash it later, then turn it right-side-out to drip dry.


I have a problem with the [zipper/binding/snap] on my product. Can you help?

Yes, we stand behind all of our products and want you to have a distinctive and delightful experience when you use them! We will replace any defective items for up to one year as long as they were being used as intended.


I have a product idea I think you'd be interested in.

Thank you for thinking of BUILT for your great ideas! We do value innovation and take pride in the fact that our customers are interested in sharing their ideas with us. However, it is our corporate policy not to accept or consider unsolicited ideas for new products, features, advertising campaigns, or other materials not currently being offered by BUILT. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstanding when BUILT’s products or strategies may seem similar to ideas submitted to BUILT. We hope you understand our position and greatly encourage you to push forward with your own ideas and products!


Where are your Products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured primarily in China. Please know that we spend a great deal of time in our factories and have set strict guidelines and standards they must uphold in order to be associated with the BUILT name. We are happy to report that we have excellent manufacturing conditions and that our facilities have passed all independent inspections to date.


Are your products waterproof?

BUILT products are water-resistant, but not completely waterproof, unless so stated in the features of a specific item. This means they can withstand and repel limited exposure to water for short periods of time. For instance, if you get caught in the rain, don’t worry—you’re safe. As for diving into a pool with your laptop bag? We wouldn’t recommend it.


What is BYO? Where can I find BYO products?

Our BYO line is a value-priced alternative to many of our BUILT products. You can find BYO products at a variety of mass retailers including Target, OfficeMax and Meijer.


Why should I use a neoprene lunch tote?

Great question! First, BUILT lunch totes are reusable. This means they’re much better for the environment and very economical!

Second, they’re machine washable, which means they won’t be ruined by a single spill. Neoprene is also a very durable material that can last up to 50 years or more, so you won’t need to need to replace it after only one season.

Finally, all BUILT lunch totes are tested for lead safety, and unlike other lunch bag manufacturers, we don’t use PVC in our products.


How long will your lunch totes keep my food cool?

Our neoprene lunch totes are designed to insulate food and beverages up to four hours. However, that time can vary quite a bit, depending on external temperatures, so if you are concerned about that, we recommend that you also bring a backup ice pack in the tote just to be safe.


Why does the pattern on the product I purchased look different than the image on your website?

All BUILT patterns are purposely designed to be unique and distinctive each time they are printed. Because we cut small pieces from much larger sections of patterned material, our products are not uniform, but they’re all one-of-a-kind!


How can I purchase your items wholesale for my store?

Thank you for your interest in our products! We would welcome an opportunity to discuss our wholesale opportunities in more depth with you. Please contact us at Salesinquiries@Builtny.com for more details!


Do you have a retail store or outlet?

Currently, we operate only as an online retail store. Additionally, our products can be purchased at thousands of retail outlets in North America as well as around the world!


I am interested in cross-marketing opportunities with Built. How can we work together?

We would love to discuss cross-marketing and cross-promotion opportunities in more depth with you! Please contact our public relations team at press@builtny.com to discuss in more detail.


Would you be willing to donate some of your products to our charity auction or charitable cause?

All requests for charitable donations can be forwarded to our Marketing & PR team at press@builtny.com.


Does Built share my contact information?

While we do collect a variety of information from our customers as they use our website and/or order products from us, we do not share your personal information with outside parties, except to the extent necessary to complete your order or to provide services where the outside party is acting on our behalf and has no independent right to use the information we provide (i.e. a third party shipper such as UPS). Such parties are restricted from using your information in any manner other than to help us to provide you with the products and services available on our site.


Can your products be silk-screened or embroidered with my company logo?

Yes, most of our products can be successfully silk-screened, and we have an exclusive partnership in place to ensure the finest products and quality are available for purchase and customization. Please email your request to: Salesinquiries@Builtny.com. We’ve thoroughly tested embroidering on neoprene and found the results to be inconsistent. Therefore, we don’t recommend or offer this type of customization as the quality cannot be guaranteed.


I would like to re-sell your products after customizing them with my own designs. Is this possible?

While we love that you’ve gotten creative with your BUILT/BYO products, our designs are copyright- and patent-protected. Therefore, we do not encourage modifying them for re-sale, as this would be an infringement of our intellectual property and will lead to legal action in some cases.


Where is Built located? What is the corporate address for Built?

The BUILT headquarters are located in New York, NY – the city that continues to inspire our ideas and inform many of our designs and collections.


Where can I find information regarding corporate sales?

Corporate Sales:
Prime Line (through distributor resellers)
Web: primeline.com\BUILT